Did your child LOVE ‘The Fairy Wonderland Show’, and would like to stay in touch with Fairy Jasmine? 

Would they love to continue their training at Fairy School from the comfort of their own home? 

Fairy Jasmine will now be offering  1 on 1 Video calls with little ones from her little fairy home in the magical forest of Fairyland! 

The Purpose of these calls is to provide your little ones with engaging entertainment that is 

Confidence building 

That also encourages kids to practice 

Encouragement of others



Design your own phone call 

Choose from 

15 minutes for $30 – Choose 3 activities 

30 minutes for $45 – Choose 5 activities 




Fairy Singing and Dancing Time! 

Select 2 of your child’s favourite songs for us to boogie away to. 


Fairy School Time! 

 Let’s Practice ‘The Fairy Call’ or one of the other lessons taught in The Fairy Wonderland Show (having seen the show is not essential)


Fairy Music Time! 

Grab a musical instrument and let’s practice our Fairy Band 


Fairy Story time!   

Have Fairy Jasmine read a short story to your child OR have your child read a story to Fairy Jasmine. She will be very impressed with your child’s reading skills 


Fairy Brag Time! 

 Have your child show or tell Fairy Jasmine any special little thing they have achieved recently or something they have created (paintings, craft, new dance moves etc’ 


Fairy Kindness time! 

 Have your child tell Fairy Jasmine all the kind things they have done for others (friends, family or even strangers) recently, and all the things they plan on doing this week. 

Fairy Gratitude time!

Have your child tell Fairy Jasmine all the things that are making them happy right now 


Each call will end with 


Fairy Self-Love and Encouragement time!

Fairy Jasmine will tell your little one just how fairy special they are and how she just loves taking to them.  The call will then end with fairy self-love hugs. 





Voice Training

Does your child have a talent for singing? As a classically trained singer Fairy Jasmine can assist your child in developing their gift with guidance and vocal exercises for every level. 

Accent Training

 Does your child have dreams of being an actor? Having a strong American and/or English accent will increase your child’s chances on landing some great roles, whether it’s for professional work or school productions. Fairy Jasmine can teach you how to put on your accent of choice.


Special Training Price - $60 for 30 minutes


Fairy Jasmine Video Calls Hours

Thursdays: 10am – 4pm

Fridays: 10am – 4pm


If you would like to book your spot email Fairy Jasmine at info@fairyjasminesentertainment.com

Fairy Wonderland Care Package

Free when you book 3 x 30 minute sessions


If you purchase 3 x 30 minute video calls with Fairy Jasmine, a special package will be posted to you!

Each package includes

  • One Magic Fairy Wand (seen in the show or online )
  • One Fairy Jasmine CD – Signed
  • One vile of Fairy Dust (as seen in the show)